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Film Reels

Short Films


Two heroes in need of cash come to save a small town from a zombie. What they find is unlike anything they've seen. Will they save the town, pay off their bar tab, and reverse the curse before it's too late?


Jennifer Walters tries to resist the monster inside as terror unfolds on the streets. With women falling prey to The Swine, a vicious serial killer, she must choose to embrace who she is, and protect those who cannot protect themselves. 

9 Minutes

A Scientist and a Video Chat Call Girl make a last ditch attempt for human connection as an asteroid hurtles toward the earth.

9 Minutes has played at the Women's Film Festival, Film Arts and Heart's Film Festival, and the Glendale International Film Festival.

Rich, Stupid, Angry, Dead

Three siblings confront their childhood rivalries after a memorial service for their youngest brother. But does this sibling rivalry run even deeper than they thought?

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